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Velvet Truckstop 2008 - Present (Consultant)


Hailing from Black Mountain, North Carolina, Velvet Truckstop sits atop the nexus of blues, country, and southern-fried rock-n-roll. Throw in a tendency for hard jammin, and the Truckstop is sure to keep your feet movin' and your ass shakin'.

Velvet Truckstop celebrates the release of their self titled, debut CD. The 5 song EP is a compilation of original "VT" compositions. The music represents the culmination of the band's hard earned experiences and travels. Separately, the Truckstop have been members of Dub Faction, Triple Dose, James King Band, Artimus Pyle Band and Rufus Grove. Their collective touring experience encompasses 49 United States and 17 foreign countries. Their live shows are a combination of original music and carefully chosen and adapted covers from all genres. Velvet Truckstop's performances strive to create fresh, new compounds of American music.

"Rolling down the highway at top speed, Velvet Truckstop combines searing vocals and kick ass guitars, with hard driving bass and a fiery rythym section. Velvet Truckstop is winning hearts, minds, and ears with their no-nonsense aproach to down home rock and roll. Not content with staring in the rear view mirror, Velvet Truckstop is creating fresh and authentic music which appeals to a new generation of fans!" - Dan Taley, editor of Asheville Music Scene


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