Automation & programming to solve a problem

Justification for Automation

It takes a special kind of geek to look at a generally routine task, then immediately consider creating an automation script to do it instead. In theory, the idea is great. Simply write a sub-routine or function which first, takes away a mundane human task, and then automate it as needed. The code will take a fraction of the time that the normal process takes a human, and it frees up said human to do other mundane tasks. In reality, however, the process of developing the script or functions takes far longer. First you have to adjust the script for variables or contingencies that come up, and then you have to maintain the whole program. This can be a large undertaking for future expansion. Then add in the variables and personalized touches that may come up as one off situations, and now you have yourself a recipe for chaos

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web design and user interface design solutions

Web design, development, and user experience services

Web design and responsive solutions

Here at Phlume Media we pride ourselves on custom designed interfaces. Our coding capabilities go far beyond templates in wordpress. Yes, we can use wordpress if you desire a clean content management solution. However, we also offer you a totally unique user experience with our web design services. Let us show you how we can help. First, let us design a custom web solution. Then let us help with the marketing to increase your client reach.

Custom programming

Our team can deliver a custom web solution built on current industry technolgies. We use custom stylesheets and responsive web design frameworks so your site is useable on a variety of devices. Our web design solutions are more than cross browser solutions, they are also cross platform solutions.

Content management integration

Perhaps you desire a CMS to help you organize your date, blog, or services. We can also work

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whiteboard planning of a web site interface without a template

Template designed web sites, and the Pros and Cons

mock-up sketch of a cabinetUsing a template in life

A lot of times when we plan on creating something, we use a template. We like to lean on the blueprints and foundation of those that built before us. Maybe we embark on the adventure of building a tree fort by following examples and plans we find on pinterest. Or possibly we cook up a special batch of gluten-free chocolate walnut cookies with a recipe from a coworker. We might even design a crazy, always on, smart mirror from a raspberry pi and some tinted glass by reading a tutorial online. Whatever the case is, its common for us to use recipes, instructions or designs from others to make our own thing. We use this provided structure in the form of a template to help us form a plan towards completion. A road map that

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