audio mixing console and trumpet as a music marketing campaign and promotion image.

Music marketing & promotion: A band’s performance social checklist

Approach a music marketing strategy with focus

To be a successful band or musician in today's constantly-connected society, you need a plan. You must have a solid path for communication: marketing & promotion is more than just cool graphics on posters and sweet tunes at a show. You need a solid music marketing strategy that engages your fans on a daily basis. There has to be dialog back and forth that is professional, robust and constantly providing new information about the band, it's music and news. Promotion efforts have to be engaging, direct and catchy to b effective. Follow along as we discuss the importance of treating your side project more like a business. We will get to music marketing in a second, but first, lets discuss the reality.

A day in the life...

Life for a working musician is getting harder. No, I don't mean your top 40, chart busting, star. Rather,

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