Video, filming and live performance coverage services

Video coverage for every event

Phlume Media offers a wide range of video coverage. From single camera coverage of meetings, to multiple camera, live-edit videos of sports. We can offer you full coverage of any of your events. Our services also include stage lighting, live audio engineering and event production services. Reach out to us today to see how we can help.

Corporate events

We can film your meeting, seminar, celebration, or training sessions providing you with crisp, high definition footage of your event. In addition, we can even help you script and develop your personalized training videos for a variety of roles and responsibilities within your company.


Live action sporting events caught in the moment; it is one of our specialties. Our services provide live scoring, multiple cameras, and live editing, allowing us to capture every play for you to rewatch and enjoy. You can share the footage with your school, fans, families and friends, because we can provide you with quality, action packed coverage of your games and competitions you will be proud to share.


Weather it is live music, acting on stage, or a dance competition, let us help cover the event. We use multiple cameras and combine the footage on site, and because of this, we reduce the production time of your video. Therefore, we can offer you a quality service for minimal cost. Our filming team can help you capture all of the special moments.

Marketing needs

Perhaps you need a short clip for your web site, or a video for a presentation? Well since we are a full service production facility, we can help you with all of your marketing and web development needs. Most likely you will need more than just a video, so lets talk about how Phlume Media can assist you. Let us help with all of your filming needs.

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